ShowDirector for PowerPoint Help

ShowDirector is  a wireless controller for PowerPoint presentations that communicates from your Android device to any laptop or desktop PC over either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

If you haven’t already downloaded ShowDirector to your Android device, you may purchase ShowDirector in Android Market.

PC Requirements

In order to install and use ShowDirector, your laptop or desktop PC must meet  the following requirements.

PowerPoint Requirements
  • Recommend Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or higher

Supported Versions of Windows Operating System
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista any version
  • Windows XP  SP2 or higher with .Net 2.0 or higher
PC Communications Requirements
  • Wi-Fi or hardwired connection to the same network your Android device is connected to. Connecting to your Android device using Wi-Fi is recommended because it is faster and easier to configure than Bluetooth.


  • Bluetooth hardware using Microsoft Bluetooth stack.  If you are using an operating system older than Windows 7, we recommend that you install  the latest version of Microsoft IntelliPoint 8.2 to insure best Bluetooth compatibility.  IntelliPoint is available here Microsoft IntelliPoint Download

Installing ShowDirector SERVER on your PC

In order to automate PowerPoint,  software must be installed on the  Windows computer used for PowerPoint presentations.

Please download  Double click and  run the ShowDiretorSetup.exe contained in the zip file.   The following screen appears:

Click next and select the directory location where you want to install ShowDirector. We recommend using the default directory.

Click Install and ShowDirector will be installed on your computer.

PC Configuration

The configuration screen displays at the end of the PC install and  can also be accessed by right clicking on the Signal Beach Icon in the Windows system tray:

Clicking the system tray icon displays the  following menu:

PC Configuration

Slide Show Folder

Sets the default directory for your PowerPoint presentation files. This is used by your Android device to find your PowerPoint files directly, without having to enter a directory path.


If there are multiple  people using ShowDirector at your location,  you can enable the optional password protection to help prevent unauthorized use of ShowDirector when using Wi-Fi.

Server Port

You can also configure the port used by ShowDirector for communications.  Normally, leave this as-is.  If your computer reports a port conflict then you can change it.


Refresh insures that the current configuration is up to date. Use Refresh if there have been any network or Bluetooth changes and you are unable to connect.


Terminates the Signal Beach services on your Windows machine. The remote device will no longer be able to connect to ShowDirector.

Android Setup

When you first startup ShowDirector, you’ll need to establish a connection with the server on your PC.   Click the “Gear” Icon to make a connection.

Next, select whether to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.   Selecting Wi-Fi is the preferred choice as it is faster and automatically locates available ShowDirector servers.

Connecting Using Wi-Fi (Recommended)

A menu shows all available ShowDirector servers.  Select the name of your PC.

ShowDirector will connect and will show an Icon in the top left indicating the connection type (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

Connecting Using Bluetooth

When you select the Bluetooth option a menu is displayed showing available paired computers.  If your computer is already paired, just click the computer name.

If you do not see your computer, please exit ShowDirector and pair your computer with Android as follows:

  1. Be certain Bluetooth Discovery is turned on in the Microsoft Bluetooth Settings menu. The Bluetooth “Open settings”  can be found by right clicking the Bluetooth icon in the Windows system tray.
  2. Check the “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” and click OK.
  3. On your Android device, go to to Android Settings, Wireless and network, Bluetooth settings.
  4. Click “Scan devices”
  5. Find your computer name and click it to pair.
  6. Follow the pairing instructions on both your Android and PC.
  7. Restart ShowDirector and go to the “Connect via Bluetooth” menu.
  8. Click  your computer name.

ShowDirector should then connect with your computer.

Resolving Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

If you have difficulty connecting using Bluetooth please try  the following:

1. Pair your Android device with your PC before starting ShowDirector.

2. Check to be certain you’re using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack and that  Bluetooth Discovery is turned on in the Microsoft Bluetooth Settings menu.

3. Install  the latest version of Microsoft IntelliPoint 8.2 to insure best Bluetooth compatibility.  IntelliPoint is available here Microsoft IntelliPoint Download

Starting a Slide Show

There are two choices for opening a slide show file for presentation:

1.  Open the file in PowerPoint directly on your PC.

2.  Browse to a file in  the default slide show folder.  The default slide show folder can be set on your PC by using PC Configuration menu (see above).

To select a slide show file to open, click the Laptop picture on the main screen to open the file selection menu.

File Selection Menu

If you have a file open in PowerPoint, the file selection menu shows the filename at the top of the file selection menu.  The lower section shows all files in your default slide show folder.

Starting a Slide Show

Click on the filename to start your slide show.

Restarting a Slide Show

PPT ShowDirector remembers the last used slide show file.  To restart the previous slide show,  just click the projector icon.

Navigation View

The navigation view appears after you start a slide show.

Title Bar

The title bar displays the title of your slide show, the current slide, and whether your PowerPoint presentation is using any custom slideshow features.  Custom shows are setup in the PowerPoint “Slide Show”, “Setup Up Show” dialog.

If your PowerPoint slide show is set to use a Custom Slide Show,  the menu bar will display the name of the custom show within brackets:

If your PowerPoint slide show is set to start at a specific slide, the menu bar will display starting slide in brackets:


Ending a Show

You can stop the currently running show by either clicking the Android back key or the ShowDirector stop button


5 – Way Navigation

ShowDirector supports the following methods to navigate your slide show during a presentation:

  • Android Volume up/down buttons for eyes-free navigation
  • Buttons support both animations and skip to next, previous slide
  • Swipe / Click on slide preview image for traditional Android style navigation
  • Slide Sorter finds any slide and navigates there instantly
  • Slide titles view can jump to any slide by title

Volume Up / Down Navigation

Press the volume buttons to advance to the next animation and volume down button to go back to the previous.  The volume buttons work identically to standard remote controls and can be conveniently used without looking at the remote.

Swipe / Click Navigation

In addition to standard next / previous navigation,  ShowDirector provides the ability to skip directly to the next slide, skipping animations within a slide.  Note that if your slide show does not contain animations or only a single animation per slide, then next / previous slide and next / previous  animation will have the same effect of advancing to the next slide.

Navigation View

You can also use the navigation buttons to control your slide show.

Slide Sorter View

The slide sorter view shows all your slides with preview images.  Click the slide sorter icon at the top of the navigation screen to start the slide sorter.

You can swipe the screen to scroll and find any slide you want.  Select any slide for viewing by clicking on the slide.

  • Short clicking – updates  the projected slide and stays in slide sorter
  • Long clicking –  updates the projected slide and returns to the navigation view

Note: Click the Android back key to return to the navigation view without changing the current slide.

Title View

Use  the title view to quickly navigate to a specific slide title. Click the title icon at the top, right of the navigation view to enter the title viewer.

Click on any title to navigate to a specific slide and return to the navigation view.  Clicking the Android back key returns without changing the slide.


Mouse Pointer

The built-in mouse pointer feature assists you in highlighting important information for your audience.  Click the mouse Icon to turn the mouse on and off during your presentation.

Slide Notes

Click the notes icon to toggle between slide preview and notes. To edit a slide notes just click on the notes and you’ll be able make changes.

At the end of your presentation, ShowDirector will prompt whether you want to save any changes made to your notes.

Black Screen

Click the “Black Screen” icon to toggle the projection screen on and off.

Timer Feature

You can use the timer at the bottom of the slide show screen to time your presentation. The timer shows the elapsed time since the slide show started. This feature can be especially helpful during rehearsals.

Click the Start / Stop button to pause the timer.   Click the Reset button to reset the timer to zero.