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 ShowDirector  Google Play

ShowDirector PowerPoint Remote Control Android App

Would you ever watch TV without a remote control to change the channel? No way. So why would you deliver a presentation to an audience while tied to a mouse or keyboard? Now you can use any  Android device to wirelessly control your PowerPoint presentations.

You are NO longer tethered to a mouse or keyboard. With ShowDirector you can quickly find and show any slide, from anywhere in the room.

PEACE OF MIND: You no longer need to worry that you'll forget key points of your presentation. Now you'll have your notes for each slide right there in your hand. And, you can even add comments or audience questions and then save them back to your original PowerPoint file.

ShowDirector gives you control over all the important aspects of your presentation with just a press of a button, from practically anywhere. You'll have more credibility, confidence, and peace of mind.

You can connect using Wi-fi or Bluetooth to any Windows PC.  No need to purchase expensive, limited, easily lost remote controls. ShowDirector does much more and costs less.

 ShowDirector Features

  • Remotely launch and run any PowerPoint presentations
  • Find any slide and navigate there instantly
  • View and edit slide notes
  • Slide sorter allows you to preview and select slides remotely
  • Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your PC.
  • Mouse pointer support to highlight key points.
  • Preview / edit slide notes remotely. 
  • Quickly find and display any slide.
  • Collaborate with your audience.
  • Support PowerPoint custom slide shows.
  • Timer built-in.


POWERFUL 5-way Navigation

  • Android Volume up/down buttons
  • Swipe / Click
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Slide Sorter
  • Slide Titles