ShowDirector Download Windows Server Software


ShowDirector Server Download for Windows

In order to automate PowerPoint, software must be installed on the  Windows computer or laptop used for PowerPoint presentations. Please follow these steps to insure ShowDirector is properly setup:

  1. Using your Windows computer, download and install the ShowDirector server software by clicking the link above.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Double click ShowDirectorSetup.exe to install the software on your PC.


ShowDirector Remote Control Android App for PowerPoint

Now use any Android cell phone or tablet to wirelessly remote control PowerPoint presentations on your PC. ShowDirector costs about 90% less than most dedicated presentation remotes. And, ShowDirector is far more powerful and flexible than other remote controls available today.

Wireless Freedom for PowerPoint Presentations

Would you ever watch TV without a remote control to change the channel? No way. So why would you deliver a presentation to an audience while tied to a mouse or keyboard? Now you can use any  Android device to wirelessly control your PowerPoint presentations.

You are NO longer tethered to a mouse or keyboard. With ShowDirector you can quickly find and show any slide, from anywhere in the room.

PEACE OF MIND: You no longer need to worry that you’ll forget key points of your presentation. Now you’ll have your notes for each slide right there in your hand. And, you can even add comments or audience questions and then save them back to your original PowerPoint file.

ShowDirector gives you control over all the important aspects of your presentation with just a press of a button, from practically anywhere. You’ll have more credibility, confidence, and peace of mind.

You can connect using Wi-fi or Bluetooth to any Windows PC.  No need to purchase expensive, limited, easily lost remote controls. ShowDirector does much more and costs less.

Move freely around the room during a presentation, make changes on the fly, and review slide notes, all without affecting your audience’s view of the running slide show.

ShowDirector Features

  • Remotely launch and run any PowerPoint presentations
  • Find any slide and navigate there instantly
  • View and edit slide notes
  • Slide sorter allows you to preview and select slides remotely
  • Mouse pointer support to highlight key points.
  • Preview / edit slide notes remotely.
  • Quickly find and display any slide.
  • Collaborate with your audience.
  • Support PowerPoint custom slide shows.
  • Timer built-in.

POWERFUL 5-way Slide Show Navigation

  • Android Volume up/down buttons
  • Swipe / Click
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Slide Sorter
  • Slide Titles

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.  ShowDirector Remote Control is compatible with  Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections to a PC or laptop running Microsoft Windows XP or later.

No need to purchase expensive, limited, easily lost remote controls.

 Download ShowDirector from  Google Play

aVault Secure Documents

aVault for Android Secures and Organizes all your Documents and Media

aVault turns any Android device into a secure safe for capturing and protecting important documents, pictures, recordings, and other digital assets using US government standard AES-256 encryption. Data can be backed up to or imported from virtually any cloud file service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. Client-slide encryption insures complete safety for local SD Card based files and files stored in the cloud.

For personal data, aVault can be used to backup the contents of wallets and safe deposit boxes. Identity theft experts recommend maintaining secure copies of credit cards, passwords, proof of insurance, driver’s license, medical information, passports etc. in case of theft, loss or emergency. aVault’s secure camera makes it easy to capture pictures of important documents, for ready availability in an emergency.

aVault Secure Document Manager instantly captures and encrypts important notes, pictures, voice recordings, and other files. Use the secure camera to scan in important personal or business documents. The secure voice recorder captures your ideas and memos. View and edit encrypted files with the built-in notepad editor or use other productivity apps available for your Android device, directly from the aVault desktop.

Use aVault to organize your personal and work documents in one place. Customizable file drawers makes it easy to organize and categorize all your secure data.

Use your favorite cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box with aVault. Import or export either individual files or the entire aVault.

You can use most other productivity applications such as Quickoffice, OfficeSuite, Documents to Go etc. directly from aVault. Edited files are automatically re-encrypted after editing, keeping your data safe at all times. Do you forget your passwords ? With aVault you can use whatever editor or spreadsheet you like best to store your passwords. No need for a one-off password manager.

Your safe deposit at the bank is only available during banking hours. What happens if you need an important document on the weekend ? Or worse, when you’re out of town or there’s an emergency. Using the camera from within aVault makes it really easy to capture personal information that you’ll want to have available in an emergency or disaster.

What happens if your wallet is lost or stolen ? No credit cards, proof of insurance, driver’s license, or medical information… Taking secure pictures of the contents of your wallet can be done in a few minutes. With aVault you’ll always have your personal documents securely with you, when you need them.

aVault Features

  • NIST standard AES-256 encryption to safety protect important data.
  • Secure Camera – Pictures are securely stored in aVault.
  • Secure Audio Recorder – To instantly capture important ideas, meetings, or personal info.
  • Built-in File Explorer for importing or exporting files.
  • Send or receive files from any Cloud service such as Drive, Dropbox, or Email.
  • Secure notepad
  • Backup / restore from SD Card or any Cloud service.
  • Built-in secure picture / HTML viewer.

Download aVault Pro from Google Play