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NEW aVault Secure Documents
Signal Beach Software announces new aVault Secure Document Manager. aVault uses any Android device to create a secure safe for capturing and protecting important documents, ideas, and your digital identity.
ShowDirector for PowerPoint provides remote control of Powerpoint presentations using any Android device.  Connect to your PC using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
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Signal Beach Software provides expert enterprise software development  services.

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New aVault Secure Document Manager for Android

aVault Secure Document Manager securely captures and organizes personal and work documents. aVault's customizable, secure desktop keeps files conveniently available, while still safe from prying eyes, using government standard AES-256 encryption. 

Instantly capture and encrypt important notes, pictures, voice recordings, and any other files.

Use most other Android productivity applications such as Quickoffice, OfficeSuite, Documents to Go etc. directly from aVault.

aVault can be used with most cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox to import and backup documents.

SHOWDIRECTOR for Android Provides Wireless Freedom for PowerPoint Presentations

Now use any Android cell phone or tablet to wirelessly remote control PowerPoint presentations on your PC. ShowDirector costs about 90% less than most dedicated presentation remotes. And, ShowDirector is far more powerful and flexible than other remote controls available today.

Move freely around the room during a presentation, make changes on the fly, and review slide notes, all without affecting your audience's view of the running slide show. 

  • Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your PC.
  • Mouse pointer support to highlight key points.
  • Preview / edit slide notes remotely. 
  • Quickly find and display any slide.
  • Collaborate with your audience.
  • Support PowerPoint custom slide shows.
  • Timer built-in.

POWERFUL 5-way Navigation

  • Android Volume up/down buttons
  • Swipe / Click
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Slide Sorter
  • Slide Titles

Low cost

No need to purchase expensive, limited, easily lost remote controls.